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About Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous! is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that focuses its energies on educating and lifting the spirits of women who have been affected by cancer treatments. Everyday these women are faced with the challenges of finding a sense of normalcy in a world that is being turned upside down faster than they can adjust. Our mission is to provide cosmetic aid and education to both patients and survivors. We work to strengthen their knowledge of hair styling, hair substitution, skin care and cosmetic techniques.

Our Focus

It’s a day all about Gorgeous Woman. The services and education we provide are restorative to a woman’s mind and spirit.

The cosmetology education is specific to the effects of her cancer treatments and the side effects of those treatments. This is the Gorgeous woman’s day to be pampered. Then, more importantly, we instruct her how to help conceal the physical damage to her appearance with specialized products and techniques that are provided!

Learn more about Hello Gorgeous! – or – Contact us to learn ways to get involved!